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We offer full-service junk removal services in Alpharetta, GA & surrounding areas. Anything from apartment, basement, or full estate cleanout, and anything in between, we are the right crew for the job. Big or small we do them all!

Let us hop away with your junk! Quick & easy junk removal process, we even offer dumpster rental services!

Kangaroo Junk Removal

Top Rated Junk Removal Services

We aim to donate & recycle most of the things that we remove from your property or business. If we managed to donate an old working appliance, office supplies or an old couch, we consider it a successful project. We partner with local charities like VVA & others to give away working and functioning items to those who might need them. Your junk is in safe hands.

We can clean your entire apartment in a matter of a few days, just point at it, and it’s gone!

We all have a tendency to move all of our junk down to the basement, but sometines it must get cleaned out, this is where we come in!

Need your business cleaned out? You’ve come to the reight place. We will cleanout your entire business and even sweep after ourselves!

Need to have your estate cleaned out? Our estate cleanout crew is here to serve you.

Getting rid of all of that garage junk that seems to pile out of nowhere is not an easy task, let us help!

Yard is not looking as fresh anymore? Let our yard clean up crew to come in and save the day!

You’re a contractor that needs assistance with cleaning out your new project? Give us a call!

We offer dumpster rentals at great prices. Simply give us a call and let us take care of the rest

Junk Removal Made Easy

Top Rated Junk Removal Services

If you’re looking for full-service junk removal services anywhere within Alpharetta, GA, or nearby areas, then Kangaroo Junk Removal can help you. We help people clean out anything from their apartments, to basements. We even offer full-estate clean out as well. 

Whether the junk you need cleaned out is large or small, our crew can ensure that junk is disposed of efficiently. 

Top Rated Junk Removal Services

Most of the things removed from your property by us tends to end up recycled. You may have an old appliance that is still working, that you need removed. In this case, we would be able to donate that appliance to someone who requires it.

Similarly, we can also donate or recycle office supplies, and even old couches. By partnering with local charities, we ensure that items that are working and functioning are properly donated. At the end of the day, your junk won’t stray.

What Is The Process of Getting Junk Removed?

If you want to make the most of our full-service junk removal, then simply give us a call. You can book an appointment with us over a call. Alternatively, you can also schedule an appointment with us through our website. 

Once we’re ready to head down to your location, we will give you a call. This helps ensure that you know we’re coming. When we arrive at your location we will take a look at the junk you need removed, and provide you with a free quote. 

After you’re comfortable with our charges and have agreed to use our services, we will remove the junk from the location. Before we leave, we also ensure that we thoroughly sweep the location, so it’s left looking clean. 

Get in touch with us to make use of our full-service junk removal services. 

Junk Removal Services

The Junk Removal Process

Schedule An Appointment

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After you approve our pricing, then we will begin working.

We Call When We’re On Our Way

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Junk-Free At Last!

Then we will gather the final items and sweep up before we go.

We Arrive Ready To Go

When our crew arrives, we’ll take a look and give you a no-cost junk removal quote.

Settling Up is Quick & Easy

Kangaroo Junk Removal accepts cash, credit cards, check, Venmo, and Zelle.

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